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As you can see I have moved the welcome page for this InFocus Blog so as to give Visitors an immediate taste of what this site is about.Here you will see what is new on the InFocus Sites and what I am working on.amazon infocus deals

You may notice that I have removed the login details or registration of new users. The reason is simple namely that whenever a new user was registered I received a flood of spam emails. Worried that some people were also mailing every other user I decided to put an end to it. Comments now must be made through Facebook or Google +.

To the innocents I apologise and to the spammers I say enough is enough. The list of those who had registered has now been deleted and so cannot be accessed.

I have also built several new Blogs based on Health Issues and what I have called Lifestyle. You can read more about them by clicking HEALTH or LIFESTYLE. There will be more appearing over the coming weeks as at present there are an extra 12 sites and it would be great if you get to see them all.

Snippets of what you can expect to see are below but there is so much more on each individual Blog with articles and videos for your edification.

I am also putting more stuff on this site as it has been quiet too long. Not all of the articles etc will be written by me but a lot of them will be. In fact you can see from below that there is a new article on Creativity that will give you an indirect insight to my own journey. More will follow.

I am also writing a course about relationships and why they go wrong and what can be done about it. Suggest you go here for some more news on this topic and how being InFocus can help.

I have no wish to overwhelm you with too much in one go so will be updating about once a week or so. Think it will certainly worth your time to keep coming back as it is my intention to update all of the separate blogs here.

My thanks as always for visiting and reading. 


Sexual Intelligence-Last of Three
sexual intelligenceMention the words Sexual Intelligence and most people will instantly think that it is all about how good you are in bed and will not engage in the subject for fear that they will be found out. In fact it has nothing to do with your performance but is concerned solely with ………..Continue reading
Social Intelligence-Second of Three
social intelligencePeople are important in and to our lives. We are social creatures and like to mingle. It makes us feel safe.We do not like to be excluded and so we adjust our behaviour in order to fit in and be accepted.At work we may not like some of the people we work with but ………..Continue reading
Emotional Intelligence-One of Three
emotional intelligenceThere are three main Intelligencies namely Emotional, Social and Sexual but they all have their roots in Emotional Intelligence. This is how we feel about ourselves. Social Intelligence is all about how we relate to others and the society in which we live whilst………..Continue reading
Stop Tinnitus From Getting Worse
Stop Tinnitus From Getting Worse
It is unlikely that you are reading this out of simple curiosity. Either you have or someone you know has Tinnitus and you want to help or just stop tinnitus getting worse. You know that it is a condition characterized by ringing or noise in the ears that no one else can hear. Like the […] Read more

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Being an Adult Learner InFocus

infocusThey say that you cannot teach an old dog new tricks but why would you want to. An old dog has picked up so many tricks during its life that it knows the difference between what it can do and what it wants to do.

It has learned that learning is itself just a process and there is a choice as to whether you embark on that process or not. ……Continue reading

Normal Blood Pressure for Men
Normal Blood Pressure for Men
You possibly may think or hear that 120 over 80 is the “just right spot” for blood pressure, yet the normal blood pressure for men could differ. As an adult male, your age in fact plays a role in your blood pressure, as do other aspects. Understanding what numbers are healthy is essential to your […] Read more

Category: Blood Pressure Info
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Vogue Knitting InFocus
Vogue KnittingKnitting is an interesting art and most of the people spend their leisure time in knitting socks, sweaters and other things. Therefore, many people are crazy about knitting and they love vogue knitting. There is always something new in this fascinating technique. There are five popular stitch types and all of them are considered as […] Read more

Category: Knitting Tips
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Acne and Oily Skin InFocus
Acne And Oily SkinAcne is a real cosmetic problem. Many of the acne patients sometimes feel that they would never get rid of acne. With latest treatments, if you have patience, you can treat your acne successfully. But what if you also have oily skin? Oily Skin – What is it? Our skin has sebaceous glands. These glands […] Read more

Category: Acne Information

Puppy Potty Training InFocus
puppy potty trainingPuppy potty training problems are fairly common and can be dealt with rather quickly and easily. While you might not even think about how to deal with the problem or realize what the problem is I know that for me with my dogs I had a problem. Here is what that […] Read more

Category: Puppy Housebreaking Tips
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Slip Disc InFocus
puppy potty trainingSlip disc also referred to as a displaced disk happens when one of the discs of the spine is forced out of order and resulting in a lack of resiliency in the vertebrae. Sufferers will in most cases suffer from slip disc due to a number of reasons: Common causes of slip disc Shock is […] Read more

Category: Back Pain Info
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Emotional Flooding-Never heard of it!
emotional floodingThere seems to be within us all a need to name or label things. It is as though by naming it then understanding will automatically flow.The expression “emotional flooding” itself is such a label and people will read the symptoms and identify with them. “Yes I have felt that way but never knew…..Continue reading
What is a Creative Mind
creative mind
Everyone has a creative mind but not everyone chooses to use it as such or at least does not recognise that creativity is taking place. Every idea , decision and judgement you make is an act of creativity for the thought had… Continue reading
Child Development- Why children Misbehave Part 2
child developmentThey want to assert themselves and their independence.Toddling, exploring, and pounding may worry many parents, but they are normal behaviors. ……Continue reading


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